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People on the beach - Unity in Frederick

Community Support


We, as part of the Unity movement, have a deep desire to express Unity's belief in our oneness with all divine life in ways that directly impact our planet home. As in so many areas in Unity, we see the importance of walking the talk. We believe that  all humanity lives in a spiritual consciousness that manifests as loving coexistence with all creation and care for our Earth home.  We, as a Unity community, desire to act so that every step on our planet home and through our life here is an active prayer for all divine creation.

Spiritual Social Action

Social action emerging from a spiritual perspective is a power force in community. This ministry connects social action with Unity's basic teachings; it helps us see the relevance of social action in our lives and how we can live and act as peacemakers.  It helps to connect us with other faith groups to enhance the experience of serving.


The Healing Ministry brings forward multiple forums for awareness and benefits of prayer, meditation and energy healing practices and the opportunity to the community to experience these for renewal and stress reduction.

Community Outreach/Inreach

Building community awareness of Unity in Frederick. Express, participate and share our committed concern and compassion for our community and the community in general.