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Light bulb ideas - Unity in Frederick


Wake Up Your Gifts

What Is Your Gift?

Most of us desire “the good life,” and those of us who strive to live from a spiritual perspective desire to express unconditional love and understanding to all people, including ourselves. We believe that Jesus taught that each person is divine: Our Creator is God.  In our divine creation we find that we are created to express our divinity, and our divine expressions are gifts to the world. This is “the good life” that we each seek.

We have a vision at Unity in Frederick of people waking up to their spiritual gifts, realizing that we have a specific purpose, and specific gifts to offer the world.  

We Are Each On A Divine Mission.  

Over 20 spiritual gifts can be identified in the New Testament: wisdom, faith, discernment, teaching, healing, helping, mercy – just to name a few.

The gifts that God would express through us are the paths of learning and growth that lead to a life of unconditional love and the great good that is our spiritual goal and ultimately our spiritual Reality.

In our Sunday services, classes and workshops this is a constant theme – wake up your gifts. As we realize the gifts we are guided to express as a ministry, we will realize our role in our community and our world.  

What is your gift? This is where we each begin.  Then we ask for guidance as to where to share the gift.

The Ministry Service Teams identifies the areas where we have need of your sharing. Look over the areas carefully and find where you can share your gifts, either in one of these ministries or in other ways. We need your gift of service, and we are here to help you find exactly where your gift fits into the spiritual community we call UNITY IN FREDERICK.