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Woman praying - Unity in Frederick

Prayer Chaplains

Primary Responsibility
To provide prayer to anyone who requests them and to reach out to regular attending congregants and members by offering prayer support through letters, postcards, emails, or texts.
Can You
  1. Create and hold a spiritual space?
  2. Listen lovingly?
  3. Pray with congregants?
  4. Hold what is shared in confidence?

If so, you can be part of the Prayer Chaplain Team!

  1. A willingness to deepen your spiritual path through prayer, service and commitment.
  2. Serve at one service a month as Lead of the offertory prayer and one-on-one prayer following service.
  3. Pray daily in support of prayer requests from Prayer Box, on-line requests and emails.
  4. Twice a year provide or write a monthly prayer and reflection for the "Prayer Chaplain's Monthly Prayer" email.
  5. Write an article once a year on a prayer related topic for our bi-monthly Unity Newsletter.
  6. Be part of World Day of Prayer through planning and participating.
  7. Read the book, "How to Pray Without Talking to Godby Linda Martella-Whitsett
  8. Attend a yearly training.
Why is this team important to our church?

Prayer Chaplains strengthen the awareness of the Oneness of our humanness and Spirit through affirmative prayer, allowing people to move forward in their lives.

If Spirit is moving you to inquire:

Please contact  Chris Kraus, Coordinator, at 

Why Volunteer to be on this team?

Being a part of the Prayer Chaplain Team is an opportunity for  members to take the next step in their spiritual development  through service to others and to commit to their own spiritual growth.  With training, Prayer Chaplains learn to support others and themselves through active listening, encouragement, connection, and the use of affirmative prayer.