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Espresso - Unity in Frederick

Hospitality Team

Can You
  1. Keep an inventory of coffee, teas, sweeteners, other coffee supplies and buy as needed and/or coordinate purchasing with church administrator?
  2. Keep inventory on all other necessary kitchen supplies ie. paper towels, napkins, cutlery, plates, bowels, cold drinks, cups and buy as needed and/or coordinate purchasing with church administrator?
  3. Assist in the organization of the regular social activities of the church, i.e., pot luck lunches, after church coffee, receptions, birthday Sunday (1st Sunday of each month - get cake).?
  4. Coordinate with any group sponsoring an activity in the church to ensure that there are adequate supplies available?
  5. Ensure that kitchen is cleaned after each activity or use?
  6. Help with the set up and break down for any planned activity or ensure that there is someone responsible for those activities?
  7. Ensure that trash is set out at the curb after each Sunday’s activities?

If so, you can be part of the Hospitality Team!


No training is required to volunteer in this position! Communication skills for coordinating support and encouraging contribution of light healthy snacks would be appreciated for the primary hospitality team leader.

Why is this team important to our church?

An important part of any group is the ability to have times of fellowship. Social times are times of bonding as a group and appreciating our common purpose.

Why Volunteer to be on this team?

You will meet, get to know and work with members of the congregation. The knowledge that this service will aid in the bonding and fellowship of Unity in Frederick.

Primary Responsibility
To support the social activities and atmosphere of Unity in Frederick.