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Calm sea at sunset - Unity in Frederick


Can You
  1. Arrive at 10:15 am on Sunday to tidy sanctuary and prepare any necessary materials, including closing the blinds?
  2. Greet each incoming worshiper, remind to wear name tags and distribute handouts as needed?
  3. Insure that the meditation time remains quiet by restricting access to the sanctuary during meditation?
  4. Control lighting as needed for meditation?
  5. Control fans (observe congregants for overheated/chilled behaviors)?
  6. Count attendees - in service, children in Sunday School, Teachers and complete attendance form?
  7. Collect the Love Offering, participate in the Offeratory Prayer, place baskets in the office for counting?
  8. Informs teachers when the children may join service?

Training will be provided in a workshop for the Celebration Teams presented by the Love in Action Coordinator or minister

Why is this team important to our church?

The greeter is the “face” of Unity in Frederick each Sunday, When people are greeted warmly, they experience a welcoming, nurturing environment. Greeters ensure that each Celebration Service runs smoothly and reverently.

Why Volunteer to be on this team?

To develop leadership and interpersonal skills and to have the opportunity to meet members and visitors to our Service.

Primary Responsibility
To greet and make welcome all incoming worshipers.