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OOriental garden bridge - Unity in Frederick

Living Fully

Note TBF:

I find so much to reflect upon in the writings for Fr. Richard Rohr.  He brings me to that place of wonder so often.  This quote in the blog below is my latest challenge: “To hold onto nothing is the root of happiness and peace.”  Letting go is not always easy and yet to hold on will weigh me down, will smother the life, will keep me from experiencing all of life to its fullest.  So letting go, it is!


Jesus: A Mutation of Consciousness - Part 1

Note for TBF:

I have had a love/hate relationship with this being named Jesus for a very long time.  And I've been threatening to write a "book" about the evolution of the deity and consciousness for a long time,  It is articles like this one that inspire me and cause me to challenge myself to "get a move on"  - do something, write something, start down that new path.  I do believe it's time for me - for all of us - to "get a move on."


What do we know?

Nodding to the Shadow

Note form TBF: Fr. Richard Rohr shared this on September 11th -  When I read it on Wednesday morning, I found myself think of our Unity process of denials and affirmations - identifying and releasing the power of that which no longer serves us as we open to and apply that which does.  I have often pondered how that work is done.  There are a number of wise teacher who describe the "hows" - Byron Katie immediately comes to mind.  Who is your favorite?  I particularly like what Fr.

Unity & Diversity: Cross-cultural discipleship

Note from TBF:
What does it mean to have diversity in the spiritual community?  what is it necessary? Do I really need to find my tribe?  But, Toni, like attracts like and when I come to church on Sunday I want to find peace, be comforted -- the rest of the world is so chaotic and the energy so unsettling.  I really don't want to do the denial half of the process - I don't really want to find my blind spots, my hidden biases.