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“I begin to think that most of our weaknesses are due to the fact that our “belief” is too narrow, and that we don’t believe through to the end. To stop believing a second too soon, or not to believe enough, is sufficient to ruin the whole structure of what we are building.”
-- Teilhard de Chardin
Last week as I was paging through a news webpage, I noticed a headline quoting one of our representatives in Congress, saying that “...prayer and fasting could defeat…” a major reform issue. I had to marvel because, you know, at one level she’s right. Prayer is a powerful tool! In Unity we know that the thoughts we hold in our hearts and minds, together with the will/action to manifest, create our world. During this amazing time of change and transformation, what if we all held in mind a vision of civil discourse, respect for those who agree and those who disagree with us, compassion and caring concern for those folks we know and those folks we don’t know. What if we were to “know” the goodness of Source strongly enough that we could affirm that there is more than enough of the resources we require to build a healthy, productive and joyous world! More than enough so that providing for—creating opportunities for—reaching out to the other parts of me—my brothers and sisters in this world—would in no way diminish me or my good?!
What if. . . .If we each held this in prayer each day—if we saw that vision each morning when we awakened—if we spoke those words each time we felt afraid or concerned for the future, we would change our world—one day at a time—one person at a time—one family at a time—one community at a time—one nation at a time.
The tithes for Unity in Frederick in July and August were given to the following groups in recognition of their service and their ability to spiritually feed our community:
Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity of Rehoboth
Eastern Region – Unity Worldwide Ministries
Religious Coalition
Unity in Hagerstown
Frederick Pride
If you have a suggestion about where our tithes might be given, please talk with me or a member of the Board.