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Recently I taught a Prosperity Class at SEE in Gaithersburg. 

During the final class I found this quote from Charles Fillmore: “Many people try to demonstrate God as their supply by repeating affirmations of abundance now present, but fail to deny, and thus to let go of, old condition and old belief in lack by beginning to give as generously as possible.  It is not the amount you give measured by the standards of the world; it is the goodwill you send forth with the gift, which can be measured only by spiritual standards.”

Here at Unity in Frederick we are committed to giving 1/10th of all unrestricted income received every month.  We send our gift with love and prayers of abundance and thanksgiving!

During the fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2014, Unity in Frederick gave to the following organizations as part of our tithing commitment:

Unity Worldwide Ministries
Eastern Region Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity in Hagerstown
Religious Coalition

If you have a suggestion about where our tithes might be given, please talk with Rev. Toni or a member of the Board.