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Excerpt from Dynamics for Living by Charles Fillmore:

“In the Old Testament the tithe or tenth is mentioned as a reasonable and just return to the Lord by way of acknowledging Him as the source of supply. Tithing is the giving of a tenth of one’s supply to God and His work. Tithing is a tacit agreement that man is in partnership with God in the conduct of his finances. This leads to confidence and
assurance that whatever is done will bring increase of some kind.

Tithing establishes method in giving. It brings into the consciousness a sense of divine order that is manifested in one’s outer life and affairs as increased efficiency and greater prosperity. It is the surest way ever found to demonstrate plenty, for it is God’s own law and way of giving.

We are living now under larger and fuller blessings from God than man has ever known. It is meet therefore that we give accordingly and remember the law of the tithe. If a tenth was required under the law in olden times, it is certainly no less fitting that we should give it cheerfully now.

The tithe may be a tenth part of one’s salary, wage, or allowance, of the net profits of
business, or of money received from the sale of goods. It is based on every form of
supply, no matter through what channel it may come, for there are many channels through which man is prospered. The tenth should be set apart for the upkeep of some spiritual work or workers. It should be set apart first even before one’s personal expenses are taken out, for in the right relation of things God comes first always. Then everything else
follows in divine order and falls into its proper place.

The great promise of prosperity is that if men seek God and His righteousness first, then all shall be added unto them. One of the most practical and sensible ways of seeking God’s kingdom first is to be a tither, to put God first in finances. It is the promise of God, and the experience of all who have tried it, that all things necessary to their comfort,
welfare, and happiness have been added to them in an overflowing measure. Tithing
establishes method in giving and brings into the consciousness a sense of order and fitness that will be manifested in one’s outer life and affairs as increased efficiency and greater prosperity.

Another blessing that follows the practice of tithing is the continual “letting go” of what one receives, which keeps one’s mind open to the good and from covetousness. Making an occasional large gift and then permitting a lapse of time before another is made will not give this lasting benefit, for one’s mind channel may in the meantime become clogged with material thoughts of fear, lack, or selfishness.

When a person tithes, he is giving continuously, so that no spirit of grasping, no fear, and no thought of limitations get a hold on him. There is nothing that keeps a person’s mind so fearless and so free to receive the good constantly coming to him as the practice of tithing. Each day, week, pay day, whenever it is, the tither gives one tenth. When an
increase of prosperity comes to him, as come it will and does, his first thought is to give God the thanks and the tenth of the new amount. The free, open mind thus stayed on God is certain to bring forth joy, real satisfaction in living, and true prosperity. Tithing is based on a law that cannot fail.”

The tithes for Unity in Frederick in November and December were given to the following groups in recognition of their service and their ability to spiritually feed our community:

Unity Worldwide Ministries Unity of Rehoboth
Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region Religious Coalition
Unity in Hagerstown The Frederick Center
SHIP of Frederick County Life Solutions

If you have a suggestion about where our tithes might be given, please talk with Rev Toni or a member of the Board.