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Proposal: Authorization to Move Forward in Search for New Sacred Space

Preparer: UIF Board of Trustees/Cassie Simpson, President

Current Situation: Unity in Frederick is about Sunday Celebrations and so much more. As we have increased our services and offerings to the Unity in Frederick community and the broader Frederick community, it has become increasingly apparent that, in order to meet its needs, more physical space is necessary. Correspondingly, various Ministry leads have been forthcoming in their current spacing challenges and their needs for further growth. Expanding our physical space would allow us to continue to support our current services and ministries and, by increasing our services and ministries, Unity in Frederick will be a greater presence in our community. Increasing our physical space will lead to greater financial abundance.

Problem/Need: Our present facility/site does not allow for cost effective expansion. While we could build up, there is no space for additional parking and the increased square footage and cost would price us out of a viable re-sale market. Adding an additional location for non-Sunday and Youth activities has been deemed unworkable and/or too costly.

Proposal: Propose that active members of Unity in Frederick authorize the Board of Trustees to begin the process for • the sale of the West 9th Street building for no less than the fair market value of the property • the locating and signing of a lease for a new sacred space, square footage to be based on the Functional Space Requirements document being developed. Membership will be asked to approve the sale and lease agreements prior to signing.

Budget Impact: There will be no immediate impact on operating expenses as budgeted for this year. Any expenses will be covered by the Building Fund.