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Tea lights on metal shelf - Unity in Frederick


Can You
  1. Move a few chairs and return to original places?
  2. Set-up candles and love offering baskets and return to original places?
  3. Select Music?
  4. Provide a brief guided meditation?
  5. Set-up sign-in sheets & pens for Practitioners and Guests, and know location of printed information about Unity and the Healing Circe?
  6. Greet Guests, help them sign-in, receive printed information as they desire, and tell them the location of bathrooms?
  7. Facilitate fellowship, bonding, and support as a group?
  8. Support other healing practitioners in bringing their gifts in service to our Unity Community?
  9. Participate in non-Unity opportunities to bring Unity and the Unity Healing Ministry to the larger community?

Then you can be a member of the Healing Ministry!


Practitioners: For those who practice energy work, competence in your technique and practice is required although newer practitioners are encouraged to participate to help gain competence and confidence. A sound understanding of Unity beliefs and the healing power of prayer and energy work is desired. All healers who participate in the Unity Healing Circle are vetted.

Support:  For those in support of this ministry, an interest in or appreciation of complementary healing modalities is helpful. There is brief training for set up and resetting the sanctuary, location of light and fan controls, candle practices, and sign in/welcoming guests.

Why is this team important to our church?

The Healing Ministry brings forward multiple forums for awareness and benefits of prayer, meditation and energy healing practices and the opportunity to the community to experience these for renewal and stress reduction.

Why Volunteer to be on this team?

Provides an opportunity to share the gifts of healing work and prayer to facilitate healing, growth and wholeness in participants.

Primary Responsibility
To hold a sacred space for healing, growth and wholeness for participants through prayer, meditation, and energy work and to help guests discover or reconnect to Source and the Divine within. Hold and support the monthly gathering for the first Wednesday Healing Circle, and the twice yearly Unity space at Illuminate Frederick in April and October. To greet and make welcome all incoming participants assisting them to sign in, turn cell phones off and locate washrooms.