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Tealights on metal shelf - Unity in Frederick

Wellness Activities

Spiritual Yoga

Event Date
Every week on Friday at 10:30am

Through mindful breath, prayer, and gentle moving meditation, you will create wholeness and Oneness in body, mind, and spirit. Your body is a gift and is the vehicle for spiritual growth!

Everyone is welcome! Suitable for beginners.

Class fee $10.

Unity Drumming Circle

Event Date
On the 4. Saturday each month at 6:30pm, but not on: 07/28/2018, 08/25/2018

Join us for an evening of drumming, chanting, meditation, and fun.

Tai Chi

Event Date
Every week on Tuesday at 10:00am

Tai Chi class is suitable for all levels. Students are taught in an individualized manner and movements are tailored to the needs of each individual. 

Cost is $50 per month or $15 for drop-in. There is a discount for Unity members.

Taught by Sifu Rob Johnson:

Rob Johnson has more than 40 years experience in the Martial Arts. For the past two decades, he has specialized in the Chinese Internal Martial Arts of Tai Chi, Ba Gua Zhang, and Xing-Yi Chuan.


Vitamins and Supplements

Event Date

Starting Aug. 5, as part of the monthly wellness series at Unity, we will be discussing the health benefits of consuming good vitamins and the risks you run by not getting enough in your diet. We will also be covering different sources of vitamins comparing meat and plant-based foods and the role of supplements. Lastly, we will discuss the FDA recommended guidelines for the 13 essential vitamins and consider the addition of a critical vitamin not on the list.

The class will be facilitated by Dr. Victor Ayala.  Love offering.