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Updates from Unity

Tithe Corner - Words from Charles September/October 2013

In one of his earliest writings, Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, wrote this about prosperity:

Realize first of all that prosperity is not wholly a matter of capital or environment but a condition brought about by certain ideas that have been allowed to rule in the consciousness.  When these ideas are changed the conditions are changed in spite of environment and all appearances, which must also change to conform to the new ideas.

Words From The Board September/October 2013

“Unity in Frederick ~ A Spiritual Community” was established 20 years ago! 20 years! It is a significant achievement. A time to celebrate our presence! Our accomplishments! Our community! With great JOY! The Board of Trustees was enthusiastic about scheduling a series of community celebrations! It was nice to spend some time on fun, in addition to “doing business.” We are very grateful to the committees for each of the celebrations!

Words from the Board: Things I Love About Unity in Frederick

Things I love about Unity in Frederick: coming into the building and being immediately enveloped by the healing energy of our sacred space -- I feel transported to a deeper level of awareness; the ongoing support and celebration of diversity in our spiritual community -- I feel very supported in being able to get married this year; the healing energy and support of each person’s individual spiritual path and growth-I feel greater understanding of my life vision and how to achieve it through the classes I attend; the building of community as exemplified in our Talent or Not Show- I had pure

Living in Gratitude

“Recent research tells each one of us that there is a whole chemical shift that happens in our bodies when we decide — and then determine — to live from gratitude. It makes our immune system much more potent. It makes us able to keep ourselves in a healthy state, no matter what we’re around; it is almost as if a bubble of protection is around us. It is not something we can manufacture by pretending, but it is something we can create by entering into a field of gratitude.

Words on Healing from Charles Fillmore....

Each Tuesday throughout April and May there is a morning class and an evening class here at Unity discussing the teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore on healing and wholeness. Our focus is on understanding their approach to the healing process and to finding our wholeness. Recently, I received a copy of one of Charles Fillmore’s unpublished lessons entitled “What Is It That Heals?” This talk was given on August 8, 1915.
As part of ‘honoring our tradition,’ I want to share some of this work with you here: