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Updates from Unity

What Does a Prayer Chaplain Do?

The Prayer Chaplains at Unity in Frederick strongly believe in the power of affirmative prayer and are committed to provide confidential, prayerful support to our spiritual community in a variety of ways.

• Each day the Prayer Chaplains hold in affirmative prayer ALL the congregants of Unity in Frederick.

• Each day the Prayer Chaplains hold in affirmative prayer individual, specific prayer requests.

• Congregants are assigned a Prayer Chaplain who is available for prayer support via phone or email.

Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness

Forgiveness has many facets worth exploring. For now, let us focus on the forgiver’s viewpoint. Each of us will remember some instance when we chose to forgive but still experienced that sour aftertaste of unfinished business. In other words, we forgave but could not easily forget. Whenever this happens we should ask ourselves whether we truly let bygones be bygones. A closer look at the nuts and bolts of forgiveness may clear things up.

Balls and Strikes Redux

As we move into Summer and my fantasy turns to baseball, I am reminded of an old joke about three umpires in a bar.  The first one says, “There’re balls, and there’re strikes, and I just call’em as I see’em.”  The second umpire, trying to top the first, says, “Well, there’re balls, and there’re strikes, and I just call’em as they are.”  Finally, after a long pause, the third umpire says, “There’re balls, and there’re strikes, but they ain’t nothin’ until I call’em.”

Tithing Corner January-February 2017

Excerpt from Dynamics for Living by Charles Fillmore:

“In the Old Testament the tithe or tenth is mentioned as a reasonable and just return to the Lord by way of acknowledging Him as the source of supply. Tithing is the giving of a tenth of one’s supply to God and His work. Tithing is a tacit agreement that man is in partnership with God in the conduct of his finances. This leads to confidence and
assurance that whatever is done will bring increase of some kind.