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“Unity in Frederick ~ A Spiritual Community” was established 20 years ago! 20 years! It is a significant achievement. A time to celebrate our presence! Our accomplishments! Our community! With great JOY! The Board of Trustees was enthusiastic about scheduling a series of community celebrations! It was nice to spend some time on fun, in addition to “doing business.” We are very grateful to the committees for each of the celebrations! Unity in Frederick started out as a group of individuals led by Katharyn Sunderman, seeking a deeper spiritual experience and expanding into the Frederick area. It was the power of spiritual ideas that created Unity in Frederick. It was not a random event. It was Spirit in motion. “Like attracts like”, or “That which you seek also seeks you.” It is a foundation of Unity – that thoughts (ideas) are things and that we co-create our world with Spirit. As spiritual ideas were discussed, shared, and became our principles for living, we evolved as individuals. We gained understanding, practiced the principles, and then committed ourselves to building Community. 20 years! That’s about the time of one generation. What happens in a generation – in an individual? We grow up, we develop skills, we become independent, and we create our lives. It’s been a similar process for the Board of Trustees – we matured individually and as a group, we learned team skills, we committed ourselves to creating and serving a larger Unity community. We supported our minister in her trainings as a Licensed Unity Teacher, the Field Licensing Program, and as an Ordained Minister. And Unity? How has Unity in Frederick evolved in a generation? From my perspective, having served on the Board for 6 years, we recognized the value of spiritual teachings for all ages and for all levels of understanding. We established various Ministries, created more classes for our mind, body, and spirit, scheduled healing and spiritual workshops and special events, and participated in local events. We joined with several community organizations – Habitat for Humanity, Frederick Soup Kitchen, the Religious Coalition, to name a few. We have become a spiritual presence in Frederick!

This short article is one viewpoint on Unity in Frederick’s growth. Some of you were here at the beginning and can share your personal experiences.

We encourage everyone to join us on Sept 28th to meet Katharyn and other founders to celebrate the joy of being part of the Unity Community.

Jude Oyler

Board of Trustees