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In June, we had our third congregational dialogue of our “Daring Greatly ~ Unity on the Move” series.  We had good turnout for the series of discussions, great questions, and a lot of positive feedback. 

At our Annual Meeting, scheduled for September 27th, the Board will formally put forth a proposal to the members of Unity in Frederick to  authorize the Board to place our current home on the market and to lease our new home. This would be a big step for Unity in Frederick to allow us to grow our presence within our Unity community and to our larger Frederick community. 

If you missed any of these dialogues, our website includes all the presentation material.  Please continue to reach out to Rev. Toni, myself or any other Board member with any questions or comments you may have.

Take some time to consider how you are being called to vote and what your level of involvement might be should we proceed to move forward.

Cassie  Simpson
President, Board of Trustees

Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible
spiritual substance, they group and bring forth after their kind.

-- Charles Fillmore