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Dear Unity Friends,
Why does it snow? What is our God within telling us? Years ago whenever it rained I thought it was God giving me permission to slow down, let go and
enjoy. Even though it rained I would still go to the beach, jump in the puddles and enjoy anyway. It gave me permission to relax. I could skip the chores, stop expecting so much from myself, read a book, appreciate. Well the snow is the winter version of the rain.
When it snows, think of what our Christ within does. I have experiences of talking to neighbors that I don’t often see. People help each other shovel snow, push cars out when stuck, offer to buy groceries if others can’t get out. Some bake cookies for their neighbors. Also, it’s a time of being “locked” in with family, friends, roommates. We often bake, play games, share stories, make snowmen, go sledding, etc. It’s often a festive time.
On the other hand, maybe it’s a time when some are sad or frustrated because they can’t do what they had planned. Airports closed, roads closed, events postponed. There it is again, a time that God speaks telling us to slow down, let go, enjoy, be grateful, reflect, catch up. Take a day to catch up or just be, be the beautiful person/child of God that you are. Maybe even share yourself, your heart, your memories with a friend, a stranger, reach out to a new one in the neighborhood, airport, grocery store, etc. Ever notice how it’s easy to start
talking to a stranger, usually about the weather and past snow storms, conditions, similar situations. The snow brings us together. God is giving us an easy way to connect. This is a chance to plant a tiny seed that starts in a new place and
possibly warms a heart, changes a thought, springs into a new relationship. And more practically remember this snow makes for healthy trees, plants, bushes and even flowers in the spring and summer. Thank you GOD!
Enjoy and appreciate the pure white divine gifts from the snow.

With fond memories,
Debbie Scott
Your Board Secretary