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Dear Unity Congregants and Members!
I feel so blessed to have our Unity Church as my second home. When I walk in the door I am greeted by a smiling, welcoming friend. I receive a hug and a “How are you today” from a good listener, maybe some laughs, a kind word or two or three, and sometimes even an affirmation to get me back on track from my week. I feel safe and accepted. No matter how little or big a challenge in my life, I begin to feel and know Spirit is working in my life and the challenges seem more manageable. I don’t feel so alone. How many of us would have loved to have this as a young child? As a teenager? As a young adult?
Rev. Toni has a heartfelt, passionate, and intellectual lesson to share for you to contemplate and maybe, something to practice for the week or month. Pay attention, because she may ask you a question or you may lose track of where she is going to make her point. So, drink your coffee, wake up, get to know people, discuss the lesson, and ask questions. Come to classes before service, on Tuesday mornings, and/or Thursday nights so you can learn the lessons to help you learn more about yourself. With awareness and some love, comes acceptance. During all this, you can share your stories, your challenges, your lessons, and your gifts. You open to Spirit and delight in who you are. I see you greeting me next Sunday or soon, I see you reading the Daily Word, I see you sharing a talent, I see you being grateful, I see you coloring with the children, I see you sharing your favorite recipe, I see Spirit expressing through you! Your energy flows; your creativity flows. You’re ZEALOUS! It’s contagious!
We have something special here at Unity. Let’s share it! We want to share with all ages especially the youth. The youth is the future of Unity! The doors and walls are bursting at the seams. Our families need space, more space to effectively teach different age groups in age-appropriate ways the Unity message and the principles. The youth is the future of Unity!
Moving forward with love, joy and zeal!
Debbie Scott
Vice-President, Board of Trustees