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"Remember that you are a teacher, you are helping people, making them feel safer, taking them from fear to love, from ignorance to knowledge." - Stewart Wilde

Do you see yourself in this quote?  Or do you believe that those in leadership positions are the ones who teach?  Hint: Leaders are people, just like you and me.

If we are all students in the school of life then who is the teacher?  We are, you are, I am!  We are students learning from each other which means that every one of us are teachers with our unique and special gifts.  At any given moment, I am both teacher and student.  I am teaching others about how I show up in the world, when I am connected to Spirit and when I am not connected to Spirit. I am learning from you the same – how you show up in Spirit and when you have momentarily forgotten that you are Spirit.  It’s a constant flow of being and remembering, learning and teaching,supporting and challenging.  I teach from both places, and I learn from both places. When I am being supported or supportive, I am receiving the flow or allowing the flow to go through me.  When I am experiencing a challenge, it’s up to me to learn what it is, how to deal with it, how to accept it, how to use it, or not.

The school of life has many classrooms – our families, our careers, our health, the classes we take, the books we read, the friends we cherish, the roles and situations we choose to accept, our self image, our self care.  Each classroom is an opportunity to grow and learn, teach and share, what our experience has taught us.  And often we revisit some classrooms more often than others.  Why is this?

Because I can only teach what I know to be true for myself.  I can hear the quote being spoken by Spirit to me, saying “Remember that you are a teacher, you are helping self, making self feel safer, taking self from fear to love, from ignorance to knowledge.”  This happens when I am quiet, when I can actually hear Spirit.  It happens when I go inside to find my Truth.  It happens when I realize that the answer is not “out there.”  I become both student of Spirit and teacher to self.  Then I can share my truth.

Unity in Frederick offers additional classrooms to grow and learn.  It is a sacred place to share with and learn from like-minded people.  Choose a class, a book, a ministry, a volunteer opportunity – the one you choose offers a life-changing opportunity.

- Submitted by Jude Oyler, President, Board of Trustees