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The Board has been envisioning solutions to our space concerns. We love our space, it has a special energy, we can all feel it!  Spiritual healing and growth occurs in it and throughout our community daily. And we want to be able to grow to be more inclusive and to have an inviting space for families and children.  Water problems in our basement this month reinforced our focus on finding a permanent solution. And our campaign to raise money to repair our roof above us is of equal importance.  We need to think out of the box to move beyond our current space constraints. We envision vibrant energy filling our space and beyond.

We will be working on our proposed budget for the annual meeting coming up in September. Two of us will be moving off the Board in September, having filled our terms of office, Debra Spotts and myself. Our Nominating Committee will be springing into action over the summer to find two replacements for us. We look forward to the guidance of spirit to bring us just the right people. Listen to hear if you are being called.

Personally I have been loving the educational classes offered this year, most recently our class on creativity which meets on Tuesday mornings or Thursday evenings so you can have your choice, and our Book and Bag class which meets after Yoga on Fridays. I always feel challenged to reach for the higher good in my life and to live my life to the fullest. These classes provide a crucible for ongoing spiritual growth and support. The community of people here at Unity in Frederick is amazing. We are here for each other.

Betsy Van Ness