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Laura Waggy hiking

10 is the Magic #

By: Laura Waggy / March 2018

Growth; I measure it in time. I focus on the two elements that go along with it which are my personal milestones, and Unity.

I started attending Unity in Frederick sometime in 2008. We’ll call that 10 years. I had not previously even stepped foot in a Unity prior to walking through the doors at 9th Street. What I did have under my belt, was an undeniable connection with people, many years of meditating, and a belief that a community like this would be the right spiritual path for my kids.

In 10 years, I have grown. I probably took part in well over 250 services, talks, speeches, inspirations, music and guided meditation. Over the 10 years each message always held the Unity principles, but allowed my mind and soul to grow in a way that felt comfortable to me and at a pace that I needed.

During my 2nd year, I made a shift. Saying my daily gratitude’s and affirmations quickly became my day-to-day routine. I focused on putting my desires out in the Universe and what it gave back were amazing results.

During my 8th year, I went back-country camping/hiking with my best friend. During our hike, I exclaimed out of nowhere that I wanted to join a Board of Trustees. Joining a Board became my goal- just like that, I felt like this was mine to do. My friend mentioned that being on a Board sounded like “work”, but I couldn’t be deterred.

During my 9th year of being with Unity, I find myself at home packing again, for my now annual back-country camping/hiking trip (the first trip was so good). While I am putting my clothes in my backpack, my phone rings. I receive a call from a prayer-chaplain at Unity named Chris. She told me that Unity wanted to know if I would be interested in being on the board? Exactly 1 year to the day that I vocalized my desires, it came back to me.


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My 10th year has brought about a lot of excellent opportunities for me. My professional life has geared up, my personal life is in a great place, and I am now on the Board for Unity. My intention is to provide expertise to Unity with Marketing. With our new Marketing Think Tank, a Board full of idea-makers, two Ministers who are exceptionally creative, numerous Directors who devote their expert knowledge, plus a strong community of people who follow the same path, I can see that the 10th year is really only the beginning for me.