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The Unity Board of Trustees has completed an amazing and extremely productive year!  The most extensive accomplishment was fully updating Unity Policies and By-Laws in accordance with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

I was elected to the Board in 2009 and was part of the “Growing & Going Forward” vision planning for Unity. Short term goals were quickly accomplished, and Unity became much more than a Sunday church.  One of the top intermediate goals was the creation of vital Ministry teams to benefit Unity and also outreach to the greater Frederick area.  Accomplished!! Many new Ministries were created and all are flourishing!  Consider sharing your talent and join a Unity Ministry team!  Check out the Unity calendar….it’s filled with exciting classes and Ministry events every week!

This year we began the exciting long range phase of finding larger physical space.  Every Ministry team submitted a comprehensive list of their needs to grow their ministry, and if money were no object, their wish list!  As we boldly step into the future, know that your continued financial support is needed to steadily maintain Unity’s daily operations, and to launch us into future growth and expansion.  Your financial gifts of treasure do make a difference.

Please continue to support Unity by your attendance and gifts of time, talent and treasure. Betsy Van Ness and I rotate off the Board at the end of September and new Trustees will be approved at the annual meeting on September 28th.  Attend and vote if you’re a member.  Non-members are also encouraged to attend!  To learn more about Unity membership, please talk with Rev. Toni.  Together, we are all a part of the “Growing & Going Forward” Unity family!

Blessings to all ~
Debra Spotts