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Spirituality of the Earth

Excerpt From a Sunday Lesson by Rev. Cindy Wright, retired Unity minister, delivered in April 2013:

"We have come a long way in our view of Earth .... or perhaps we have come around full circle.  There are some cultures, like Native American who have always seen the Earth as spiritual and deserving reverence.  The rest of us are slowly catching up.

Love Leads The Way

What do we think of as we approach Easter Sunday?  Often, the vision of Easter for me is my son, my nieces and nephews, my grandsons as they search for Easter eggs, eat chocolate bunny ears ~ all dressed in their Easter finery.  And then, there's the vision of my early years, dressed in my Easter finery ~ hat, gloves, new shiny shoes, spring colored dress ~ with my sisters and parents, going into church with the fragrance of Easter lilies filling the sanctuary.  The songs we sang ~ the sermons that were delivered ~ exalted the risen Lord, the One who had died to save us from our sins.  This

Spring Cleaning and Rebirth

When the sun begins to warm the earth and the trees begin to bud, there are several things that come to mind: rebirth and spring cleaning.  And both of those are up for us at Unity this coming week!
This Saturday we will have our first Clean Up Saturday - our Spring Cleaning - from 8am to 11am.  Bring your favorite cleaning rags and sponges and join us....there will be coffee and tea, donuts and bagels, and music to clean by.

Words on Faith: Stump the Minister

Published in Frederick News Post on October 6, 2018

We have a tradition at Unity in Frederick - the 5th Sundays are “Stump the Minister” Sundays.  During the lesson time of the Celebration Service, individuals in the congregation can ask me questions – things that are on their mind or in their heart – and I will do my best to answer them.  The range of questions is wide, from what is the meaning of life to what qualifies me to be the minister.  Interestingly, I found that last question the most difficult one to answer so far.

Some Words from Mark Nepo

This poem by Mark Nepo was my "Reflection for the Day."  It seemed appropriate to share it --

The Thing About Fear

We try to avoid it, distract ourselves,

even put others in the way. Because it

makes what is necessary seem monumental.

It makes what is needed seem uncrossable.

Yet when we stumble over the line, or are

loved over the line, or, in our exhaustion,

fall beyond our pain, what we feared

Balls and Strikes Redux

As we move into Summer and my fantasy turns to baseball, I am reminded of an old joke about three umpires in a bar.  The first one says, “There’re balls, and there’re strikes, and I just call’em as I see’em.”  The second umpire, trying to top the first, says, “Well, there’re balls, and there’re strikes, and I just call’em as they are.”  Finally, after a long pause, the third umpire says, “There’re balls, and there’re strikes, but they ain’t nothin’ until I call’em.”

Thoughts at the turning of the year - Dec 2015

It’s the last day of 2015.  I’m sitting here watching the top 100 baseball plays of the year and can’t believe that there are no plays by Bryce Harper and the Nats so far in the list.  A record breaking, MVP season for Bryce and not one highlight in the top 100.     Hmmmm.  Obviously, the MLB Network and I have very different criteria and perspectives regarding what’s “good baseball.”  And as I reflect more on that idea, it becomes clear to me that this is a truth in so many areas of my world.  My perspective on “things” is often diff