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From Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth:

“We all live and do business in the world, so it is not easy to maintain a high level of faith.  In this time of mass communication, we are all exposed to a steady barrage of doom and gloom from forecasting economists, who use very convincing business statistics and “economic indicators.”  We would do well to listen to Paul: ‘Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mold, but let God remold your mind from within.’ ( Romans 12:2 Phillips)

It is important to impress yourself often with the great reassurance of the ‘unity principle,’ which we repeat here slightly paraphrased:

Wherever substance is at all, the whole of substance must be; and because substance is omnipresent, the whole of universal substance must be present at every point in space at the same time.

This is fundamental spiritual law.  When you really know yourself as a spiritual being, you experience the fulfilling of the law, which ‘rushes, streams, and pours into you’ in terms of substance and supply and all that is required for success.  When Jesus said, ‘I came that they may have life and have it abundantly’ (Jn10:10), he was saying that the breakthrough he had made into Infinite Mind prepared the way for what Emerson called ‘an inlet that may become an outlet to all there is in God.’  It is in this consciousness that we can say, ‘Many times I have been broke, but I have never been poor.’  There may be times when you do not have sufficient money, but you can never be separated from the all-sufficiency of God-substance within.”

It is from this knowing that we move forward to share this life-affirming principles of Unity to our community and, through our tithes, to the greater community.

Unity in Frederick tithes 10% of its unrestricted income every month as a way of expressing our belief in, and understanding of, the law of giving.

This past quarter, we gave to the following groups or organizations:

Unity Worldwide Ministries 
Unity in Hagerstown
Eastern Region – Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity of Rehoboth Beach

Religious Coalition

If you have a suggestion about where our tithes might be given, please talk with Rev. Toni or a member of the Board.