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From Charles Fillmore’s Dynamics for Living:
“It is necessary to let go of old thoughts and conditions after they have served their purpose. One should lay hold of new ideas and create new conditions to meet one’s requirements. We cannot lay hold of new ideas and make the new conditions until we have made room for them by eliminating the old.
Things are never so bad as you think. Never allow yourself to be burdened with the thought that you are having a hard time. You do not want a soul structure of that kind and should not build it with those thoughts. You are living in a new age. Yesterday is gone forever. Today is here forever. Something grander is now
unfolding. Put yourself in line with the progress of thought in the new age and go forward.
Nothing is too great for you to accomplish, nor is anything too trivial for you to handle with perfection and dispatch. The Spirit will guide you in perfect ways, even in the minute details of your life, if you will let it do so. You must will to do its will and trust it in all your ways. It will lead you unfailingly when you follow it.
To give up all anxiety and trust in the Lord does not mean to sit down and do nothing. We are to work as God works. To work with God as a son follows the occupation of his father, we are to form what God has created. The anxious thought must be eliminated. The perfect abandon of the child of nature must be assumed.”
The tithes for Unity in Frederick in January and February were given to the
following in recognition of their service and their ability to spiritually feed our community:
Unity Worldwide Ministries Erin McGaughan
Eastern Region – Unity Worldwide Ministries Jim Goldstein
Unity in Hagerstown Jennifer Holder
Religious Coalition 4T Prosperity
If you have a suggestion about where our tithes might be given, please talk with Rev. Toni or a member of the Board.