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I found this article on the Unity Worldwide Ministries website Resource Library. I’m not sure who Patsy is; however I like how she expresses this concept!

“Let’s Talk Prosperity Consciousness! By Patsy Scala
We in Unity often talk about “prosperity consciousness,” but I wonder how often we think about what it really means. Let’s take a look at this concept . . . define some terms . . . and see how it plays out in our lives and in our churches.
First of all, a question: What exactly is this prosperity that is in our consciousness . . . that we want to bring into our lives and into our ministries? I define prosperity as the state of having everything we desire in our lives. For some people, and for some churches, this could be money. For others, it could be healing . . . inner peace . . . world peace . . . love . . . joy. . . the ability to serve. The varieties of our desires are endless. At this time, however, let’s confine our discussion to that most elusive and most misunderstood aspect of prosperity . . . money.
And what is consciousness? Let’s start first with the simplest definition of consciousness. It is that which exists in our awareness. And it is much, much more. Consciousness is what H. Emilie Cady, in her Lessons In Truth, defines as soul . . . that part of each of us which is non-manifest, and is connected to Spirit, which is the Divine Energy present in, surrounding, and as everything in the world. This Spirit, too, is consciousness.
If we put these two definitions together, what we have is the idea that all that we desire is present in all things. We hear this in various ways in our churches. We are told that we live in an abundant Universe . . . that we need only to claim our part of this abundance, and we will prosper.
So why don’t we do this? Well, first of all, even though it’s relatively easy to talk about having a “prosperity consciousness,” it’s a lot harder to have one. The concept that all things are available everywhere in consciousness is difficult to grasp in ordinary human life . . . especially when daily duties, ego and doubting friends and congregants try to convince us that we’re wrong.
We need tools that will work on the human level.
One of the simplest tools that we can use, both individually and in our churches, is what I call the Principle of Giving. We know that, when we give a smile, we usually receive a smile. When we give a hug, we get a hug. We are in the flow of giving.
When we give something . . . anything . . . it proves to us that we have what we have given. We can only give away what we already have. And as we live in this flow of giving and receiving, we begin to touch into the consciousness underlying prosperity. We are beginning to claim as our own that which already exists as a part of us.
The same thing works with money. When we give freely of our financial prosperity, we have acknowledged . . . sometimes kicking and screaming . . . that financial prosperity is a part of us. We have acted on the knowledge that whatever exists in our consciousness is already ours to give. We are acting in the expectation that there is plenty more where our gift came from.
I’ve had people complain that money is a thing, and doesn’t act the same way as an intangible, such as a smile. I want to refute both ideas. Money is nothing but Divine Energy in a convenient form. And, while its return to us may not be instant, as a smile is, it will return to us nonetheless.
I offer you this challenge: Try it. Give away money to someone, and see what happens. Tithe to your church. Make sure your church tithes. Again, see what happens. Do it fearlessly. Do it from the knowing . . . from the consciousness . . . that we live in a prosperous and abundant Universe. Do it knowing that, as Jesus said, “It is my Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”
Give. And soon you will see the true meaning of a “prosperity consciousness.” It will be your own.”
Know that Unity in Frederick does tithe every month – 10% of our gross income, not including any restricted donations. At this time, our tithe is split – 1/3 to Unity Worldwide Ministries; 1/3 to Unity Eastern Region; 1/3 to Religious Coalition/Unity of Hagerstown and others, depending upon the amount of that 1/3. If you have any questions about our tithes, please contact Rev. Toni or any member of the Board of Trustees.