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“The conception and birth of Jesus, as recorded by Luke, conceals and, to the spiritually wise, reveals a soul principle that will save man from death.  That Principle, represented by Mary [his mother], is love.

Up to the time of Jesus, the feminine principle of the soul, love, never had a chance to express itself because of the arrogant dominance of the intellect. . . .no man can hope to escape death until he frees the imprisoned love of his soul.  The masculine phase of the mind has been allowed to dominant for so long that it now assumes that everything must be subservient to it and that its dominion and dictation is the edict of divine law.  The feminine, with its mighty heritage of love, has been mesmerized into this belief and accepts as a matter of course the rule of head over heart.  This false state of mind has thrown the whole race out of balance and severed the spiritual connecting link between man and God, which is love….Jesus Christ was the balance combination of wisdom and love, masculine and feminine.”

For me, this quote from Charles Fillmore speaks to the “why” of Jesus….it expresses the invitation to “see” the Christ as Jesus as the pattern for the Christ as me and as you….it speaks to the power of the words and actions of Jesus as the Christ—our Wayshower and Guide.  It speaks to the birthing of a new order that is presenting itself in this time of transformation.

Today, I find these words of Charles’ as relevant, if not more so, than when he first wrote them.  This “balance combination of wisdom and love, masculine and feminine” that is the Christ within each of us as it was in Jesus of Nazareth.

As we move into the seasons of Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas, we will find a myriad of opportunities opening to us to express that love and wisdom to our families, our friends, our neighbors, to our world.  Acting on these opportunities represents the birth and nurturing of our own Christ nature.   We now have the opportunity to step forward in conscious evolution to be a catalyst for a world - a nation - a community  --  that works for everyone -- that honors the masculine and feminine principles in life and in each of us.

May you have an amazing “new birth” this year and may you continue to “….grow in wisdom and stature” and the “image and likeness of God.”

Have a bountiful Thanksgiving, a renewing Advent,  and a joyous Christmas!

Rev. Toni Fish