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Have you been wondering lately if the world is going to just explode? If everything is coming apart at the seams? Does it seem that your problems or challenges are getting bigger all the time? Check out this story from Hafiz, a 14th century poet. Perhaps it will provide a new perspective… or at least some food for thought!
“’Could you help me with this?’ an ant said to an elephant when a large seed the ant was dragging back to its nest got stuck between some grass. The elephant, looking down and feeling kindhearted that day, began to contemplate all that might be needed to render some service, but the task just seemed too delicate and in need of more precision than the elephant’s trunk or one of his feet or even his tail or one of his grand ears could handle effectively. So the elephant began to pray for divine intervention, and sure enough it worked, or it seemed to — a berry on a nearby bush happened to fall in such a way as to free the seed for its onward destination. The elephant’s faith in God was increased, and the ant, having heard the prayer, was now less of an agnostic, which he had been for the last year or so because of personal reasons he would rather keep private. All in all, seems things are moving ahead, working out for the best. Yep.”

The points to consider here—
1) when I find myself struggling with a problem, I can ask for help;
2) the individual I ask may approach the problem very differently than I would and that’s ok;
3) the help may come in a manner totally unexpected;
4) prayer is powerful;
5) all things move to Good, regardless of outer appearance.

As Jesus would say, those who have ears, let them hear!

Have a glorious summer!!!!