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From Andy Kraus ---

Denial Today
I choose to refrain from worry
and Live in Faith [option A]

Affirmation Led to Right Action,
I step forward [option B],
assured of my GOOD.

And So It Is.

The denial statement works as it stands without the addition of Option A.

We refrain from worry about ANY and EVERY thing

But, if there's something particularly worrisome, we can include a negation of that as Option A, e.g.
Today I choose to refrain from worry and Live in Faith [that my son is acting responsibly while I'm away on a trip,
that we have all the money we need to pay our obligations and some to spare,
that I continue to be cancer free, etc]

Regarding Option B, here are some examples

..... I step forward [confidently | gladly | boldly | effortlessly] ....

The take away points:
we have denied that which is troubling us (turning our mind AND emotions away from it),
we have opened to GOD by "living in Faith", we align our will with GOD's will by saying that we are "led to Right Action", and we commit to our changed life's course by "stepping forward.... assured of our GOOD".

Of course - what follows MUST be us doing something different, thinking about something else.

Over time, with practice, I have come to feel the moment when things shift - usually upon uttering the DENIAL, and that feeling of a shift suffices to start me in my new and improved direction