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Trees at sunset - Unity in Frederick

Thoughts of the Season March-April 2015

During this Lenten Season, this time of preparation for the transformation of the Easter experience, I often find myself pondering…reflecting on the world around me…and wondering what impact my prayers really have. How can I better hold that consciousness of prayer so that my world knows itself more clearly and with great compassion and peace? Charles Fillmore gives us these words on prayer:

Thoughts of the Season - November/December 2015

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

by Harriet Kofalk

Harriet Kofalk was a naturalist, author, activist, mother, grandmother, and dear friend to many people worldwide.  She lived in South Eugene, Washington – her place was known to many as Peace Place. 
As we enter this season of thanksgiving and love, I would encourage us all to find those moments of peace in the amazing world around us and give thanks to Source.  I thank Harriet Kofalk for her life and her beautiful words.

Thoughts of the Seasons - September/October 2014

In every spiritual path I’ve studied, one of the main pillars is the practice of silence – whether it’s called prayer or meditation or contemplation or relaxation or mindfulness.  It is the activity of being still, of heightened awareness, of feeling the Presence.  Beginning Sunday, September 7th at 6pm, we will once again be offering a Time for Meditation at Unity – each Sunday, we will share 45 minutes of inspirational words and silence.

Thoughts of the Seasons - July/August 2014

At Easter this year, Bob Farrell joined his family at service in Unity in Frederick and shared with me how Unity principles had supported him through a very rough period in his life.  I asked if he would write about his experience and allow me to share with the community.  Here is his story.  Thank you Bob!

Positive Aspects Of My Unity Experience

In November of 2011, I was, regrettably, in a terrible accident on my motorcycle

Thoughts of the Season - November-December 2013

During the holiday season, often we lose sight of the abundance and peace in our world in the hustle and bustle of gifts and parties and family reunions. We can find ourselves in a funk or short-tempered as we work to “do it all – and do it perfectly.” I would like to challenge you to approach the season in a new way this year. I invite you to participate in a Prosperity Prayer Program - a program for realizing and demonstrating abundant prosperity in your life and affairs and for centering yourself in that ‘…peace that passes all understanding.’
Here is the plan of action: