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Words on Faith  Frederick News Post 6.1.19

On August 20, 1924, our co-founder, Charles Fillmore, gave a talk in Kansas City, MO, that he entitled the Science of Being.  For me, this talk was about the ‘how’ of manifesting in our world, the role of ideas and consciousness in connecting the spiritual with the material.   

Most of what we have from Charles was spoken first in public lecture or in a radio broadcast, then transcribed and published, without the benefit of an editor.  Because of his style of speaking and the words/language structure of that time, I often find myself having to re-read passages and, sometimes, I even have to ask him what he meant by that!  Clarity comes when I give myself some quiet time to listen.

I would like to share with you a part of that August, 1024 talk here.  I have taken the liberty of updating some of Charles’ language and doing a bit of editing myself.  I have done my best to ensure that any changes I made do not materially alter his meaning and intention. 

And so it begins….

“This teaching is something that you can apply as you go along, and it makes no special promises for a future heaven or a future hell.   You set the pace for those conditions right where you are.  This teaching is something you can apply at any time; however, the source of your application is from within yourself; not on the outside but within.  It begins at the soul.

Our greatest authority in matters pertaining to humankind said that God is Spirit, and we find this true, that the source of everything is Spirit and that that same Spirit is but another name for God.  We find that when we become conscious of Spirit and connect into that invisible source of everything, it begins to manifest in our minds and our souls and in our bodies in a definite way, first the mind…that mind called the Christ Consciousness.

We begin with the fact that Mind and Spirit are universal and open to every one of us.  You can touch it anywhere.  Draw your center of attention from the outer realm to this inner realm, this Christ Consciousness, the spiritual identity with which each one of us was born.  We may not have yet discovered it, for we are free agents and we most often look without, rather than within.   However, today, we are going to look within.  We are going to look to this spiritual identity which exists in every one of us: Christ in the midst of me, magnified soul, quickens and strengthens and I am made whole. 

That thought held in consciousness will produce those results…The quickening, spiritual power within magnifies your consciousness.  It magnifies, increases, quickens, and strengthens.  Just think of that.  And I am made whole.  Let us say that again, Christ in the midst of me, magnified soul.  Do you see your soul magnified, glorified, enlarged? See it whole!  I am made whole. 

Get the idea in your mind of wholeness, perfection. 

In our understanding of the term, Christ, we do not refer altogether to the man, Jesus Christ.  The Christ existed from the beginning before the man Jesus appeared.  Jesus demonstrated or made manifest this idea of human perfection, which is inherent in every one of us.  We are the divine idea, the perfect being, that is the anointed or the Christ of God. The Christ is God’s perfect idea of you.  When that knowing is made manifest in its perfection, then you are Christ as Jesus wasThis Christ Jesus is the ideal human made manifest and aren’t we all seeking to express that same being, that same mind that Jesus expressed. 

What is the first step in the action of your mind?  You say: “I have an idea,” or “I begin to think.”  That is it exactly.  The first step in your mind is an idea.  So it is in the Mind Universal.  The first expression in creation is an idea, the idea of perfection.  Divine or Universal Mind is going to do something in a perfect way, for it is the image and likeness of God and that is the Christ Consciousness.   Remember that and you will find that ideal being or that Christ Consciousness is always here for every one of us, and all high ideals you have are but aiming toward It. 

Any progressive thoughts at all idealistic are really God ideas impressing themselves upon you.  You are evolving that which you are intrinsically.  As you begin thinking of yourself in Christ Consciousness, you will find that you change your actions and your mode of thinking.  Instead of thinking of yourself as a personality, you think of yourself as a spiritual being and, in this way, you come into an entirely new relationship.  You begin to bring forward - manifest - spiritual qualities.  And if you know the Truth, woe unto you, if you don’t demonstrate it. 

When you once understand the I AM, God’s perfect idea of human, you begin to express perfection in your mind.  You begin to look on yourself and the world about you with the eye of perfect sight.  If you continue in this thought pattern…it will transform your mind and your life. 
Jesus demonstrated this Christ Consciousness.

There is only good in reality and good is divine perfection, so we begin right where we are to use this law, mysterious only in that we do not understand it, and we do not understand because we have not applied the true I AM.  In understanding the true I AM, we can take hold of external life, lay hold of invisible spiritual substance, understand increase, take on more flesh if you need it, or eliminate the surplus if you have too much.   Everything you want, you can take into action through the Spirit which is this Christ.  We are taught that Christ had something to do with a heaven in the future.  I assure you; it is going to help you right now. Bring yourself into harmony by laying hold of this Christ Consciousness.

Let us take that thought again.  This outer expression is not the whole of it.  I assure you.  You must be a witness of this Christ Consciousness in and as you.  Christ in the midst of me, magnified soul, quickens and strengthens and I am made whole.” 

So it is and may it be so for you in your life.