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When the sun begins to warm the earth and the trees begin to bud, there are several things that come to mind: rebirth and spring cleaning.  And both of those are up for us at Unity this coming week!
This Saturday we will have our first Clean Up Saturday - our Spring Cleaning - from 8am to 11am.  Bring your favorite cleaning rags and sponges and join us....there will be coffee and tea, donuts and bagels, and music to clean by.

The other thing - rebirth - is something that also requires cleaning out.  It requires that we look into every corner of our being to find the 'dust bunnies' and the clutter that are inhibiting our growth and the flow of our good.  This cleaning out calls for an environmentally safe, yet powerful, solution that will dissolve and wipe away the built-up dirt and grime, leaving a clear and clean space into which light and love can flow and grow.

Our co-founder, Charles Fillmore, wrote extensively about the resurrection and rebirth.  On April 12, 1914, Easter Sunday, he spoke at Unity Auditorium in Kansas City about "The Son of Man."  Among the points he made that day was a discussion of what "mud" in our thougths and how we might remove mud.  You know, Spring Cleaning.  Here are some of his words from that talk....

"Now, the two, great viewpoints of the teaching of the (death and resurrection of Jesus,) succinctly stated, are this: One teaches us how to die; the other teaches us how to live. ….. One is the result of the teaching of Christianity from the beginning, which was that death came into the world as the result of error thinking, and that it was to go out through the overcoming of such thinking. This is the conclusion of the prophesy, according to the statement of Jesus Christ, that he was the fulfillment of that promise made 'way back, at the beginning of our dereliction from the one viewpoint, from the one law, and that, in this fulfillment, he was carrying out the law of salvation for us; that that law was that we should be a perfect being; that there should be no lapse in that perfection; that we should continue in that perfection until we realize our unity with the Father....

Now, we come to the realization of our power to resurrect the mind and the body through various steps or degrees. Some have called it unfoldment; others, education; but it is properly concept upon concept; a little of the law here, and a little there, until the whole horizon is illumined with the understanding of Spirit; spiritual understanding dawns upon the mind, and we see ourselves as spiritual being, from soul into body. The body itself must become spiritual, and, in essence, we all know that our organisms are made of pure elements, and that the only impurity is in the muddy mixtures that we have infused in them, just from what source, our scientists do not tell us. It is spiritual understanding, it is the metaphysical insight that reveals the creating power of mud.

Now, mud comes from a muddy thought, and some say, "Well, if we are the image and likeness of God, and God is perfect, where did we get any muddy thoughts? That is a good question. It is a question that people are asking everywhere, and it is a question that you can find answered in this Bible. In the very beginning, God gave us everything that we had. Well, what does that involve? Why, perfect freedom. Freedom to do what? To make things. What kind of things? Every kind of things. You can make a thing, or you can make a no-thing. You can say yea, you can say no; you can be good, you can be evil; and this gives us the power to make the angel, to make the human; to make the clear light of the Spirit, or to make the darkness of ignorance; to make the sun-light, or to make the mud.

Now, these privileges come unto us through our freedom of action, our freedom of will, and it is a logical and a good explanation of how evil comes into our lives. It has no real permanent being, we know that; but we can, through our power of thought, through our power over the elements - we have the power to change and make any condition that we set our minds to, remember that. And don't confine the activity of the mind and the power of the mind to those things that you see before you; don't confine it to your concept of its capacity; don't confine it to this realm in which you at present think. No. It is broader and wider than anything that you can conceive, and there are points of perception, there are points of activity, there are fields in which the mind acts far beyond what you now can see. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy" (Hamlet Act 1, scene 5)."

Let us think on these things during the coming week and find our way through our own spring cleaning.