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"Always remember your focus determines your reality." -Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi master

     This quote was one of the quotes we started the day with at Spirit Camp this year. It was a fun, and spirit, filled week with many Star Wars centered activities. The children had lessons on the 5 principals, the healing art of Qi Gong, yoga, and music. The group started the week off as padawans, Jedi apprentices. During the week they reflected on their journeys to Jedis in journals and discussions. Of course we relaxed with games and a field trip to a park! The week ended with them being transformed into Jedis, a burning bowl ceremony, and receiving "real" light saber to replace the ones they had made with pool noodles. It was a great experience for the kids and all the adults involved! Thank you to all that helped and supported this year!  For pictures of our young padawans in training check out the Gallery on our Home Page.

         During Spirit Camp the children were involved in many activities that promoted mindfulness. It really reminded me how important this is for children to be involved in all year long. Learning mindfulness practices, including meditation, breathing exercises, yoga and chanting, can have a significant long-term effect on a child’s development. These practices are easily Incorporated in daily routines. To begin to create a more mindful family and incorporate mindfulness into their children’s lives, parents can start with a daily meditation, yoga or breathing practice. Family dinners can also become mindful by not allowing phones at the table and having a moment of gratitude for the food. Even simple things like positive affirmations and encouraging children to think before they speak can foster an environment of calmness, presence and compassion.  If you need any ideas on activities to do with your child at home  please contact Jamie.

     If you have a special talent you would like to share with the children, or would just like to spend time in the Roots room, we would love to have you!        Email Jamie to set up a time!