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For best results, use this Prayer Treatment once or twice a day.

I believe God is the source of all supply, and Money is God in action, and should be used for good.

I believe My good is now freely flowing to me so bountifully I cannot use it all, and I have an abundance to spare and to share, today, and always.

I am expecting “Unexpected Income!” I believe God is now giving this to me and I accept this as Truth and give thanks.

All channels of financial supply are now open to me and I am richly, bountifully and beautifully prospered in every good way.

I believe true Prosperity includes the demonstration of right living conditions, right activity and right kinds of happiness.

This word which I speak in faith, believing, now activates the law of increased universal good for me, and I expect to see rich results now!

I visualize the financial good I expect. I see it coming to me now, richly and abundantly.

I claim and accept it for myself now. I am grateful in advance! I bless all the good I now have, and I bless the increase.

I bless all others in the “Unexpected Income!” program, and I know we are now all prospering together in every good way, and share the good we receive.

I now freely give my tenth to God’s good work. My giving is making me rich! God gives to me rich, lavish financial blessings now!

This is so now. I am grateful. Thank You, Father!


This is a gift from Unity Worldwide Ministries Prosperity Team