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Prayer Chaplain Update

Season for Nonviolence—Healing Our Relationships

“Yes, peace begins with me,” as the song says.  Yet, that is not where peace stops.  While we must first establish peace in our own hearts and lives, and doing so has a ripple effect to the larger world, stopping there without expressing to our families, friends, and communities our own inner peace and unconditional love for them does not represent the full dimension of what practicing nonviolence means in the outer world.

Forgiveness and Self-Forgiveness

Forgiveness has many facets worth exploring. For now, let us focus on the forgiver’s viewpoint. Each of us will remember some instance when we chose to forgive but still experienced that sour aftertaste of unfinished business. In other words, we forgave but could not easily forget. Whenever this happens we should ask ourselves whether we truly let bygones be bygones. A closer look at the nuts and bolts of forgiveness may clear things up.