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“Recent research tells each one of us that there is a whole chemical shift that happens in our bodies when we decide — and then determine — to live from gratitude. It makes our immune system much more potent. It makes us able to keep ourselves in a healthy state, no matter what we’re around; it is almost as if a bubble of protection is around us. It is not something we can manufacture by pretending, but it is something we can create by entering into a field of gratitude. There is also new research behind that that says speaking your gratitude out loud actually amplifies the positive effects of holding gratitude. It is one thing to think gratitude and feel gratitude, but when we express gratitude we amplify the positive results not only for ourselves, but for the others to whom we express it. When we live from gratitude, everything works better. So my friends, this day let us each practice thinking, feeling and speaking our gratitude.”
From The Miracle Minute: Practical Wisdom to Inspire Your Day, written by Mary Morrissey 

The tithes for Unity in Frederick in March and April were given to the following groups in recognition of their service and their ability to spiritually feed our community:

Unity Worldwide Ministries
Unity in Hagerstown
Dale Allen Hoffman
Religious Coalition

If you have a suggestion about where our tithes might be given, please talk with Rev. Toni or a member of the Board.