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“Look well to the growing edge. All around us, worlds are dying and new worlds are being born.”
Howard Thurman
We begin a new year—an auspicious new year at that! According to many, this is the first year of a new world consciousness! As with any new birth, the “being” that is born has just begun an amazing journey of growth, discovery and change. The passage below was written by Margaret Stortz, a retired UCRS minister, and she describes the impact of change and new birth very well.
‘I think we can agree that change is always taking place. Sometimes it is welcome, and often not expected. Elements of the chaos theory suggest that even while great systems endure, their underpinnings are always disintegrating, and something as yet inchoate is beginning to form. This is hardly rocket science, for we are familiar with endings and beginnings every day of our lives, in large ways and in small. Some changes are viewed as loss, and such they may be. Often we greatly loved the person or circumstance no longer in our lives. Just as often, though, some things needed to fall away. There may have been the husks of dead relationships that needed sweeping off.
Whether or not we invited endings into our lives, we can make peace with them. They will come and go, just as all ephemeral things come and go. As spiritual beings making footprints on the grounds of earth, we are well acquainted with the cycles of births and deaths. Endlessly, we participate in each, just as one day we will relinquish the physical body to whatever lies in wait for us. We can fight this; we can drag our feet, or we can, as Ernest Holmes recommends, ‘Learn to trust life…and prepare not to die, but to live.’ Good advice, I think, because if our connection with the Infinite has any meaning, it must always be moving us to another beginning….and another….and another.’
Let’s not fear this new potentiality, this new opportunity! Our new journey has begun! Trust Life, knowing that Life is God in all It magnificent aspects! Let us move in that Oneness – living each new moment to its fullness. We are loved, we are love, we are supported in all we do!!!
Here’s an affirmation for the coming year:
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I live and move in the One. Whatever I may be feeling at any moment, I know that I am never alone. I ride the flow of Life with great anticipation. There are surprises ahead and I intend to enjoy them all. (from January Science of Mind)
Happy New Year!!!