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What Is Healing?

The purpose of the Healing Ministry is to offer and promote healing. We do that mainly by offering the Healing Circle on the first Wednesdays of each month.  We are present at the Unity Booth at Frederick events throughout the year. Articles in the Unity Newsletter also help support healing on all levels. 

And what exactly is “healing”?  According to Webster, the active form of the verb has more than one meaning. To heal is to make sound, well, or healthy again; to restore to health those who are sick. It is also to cure or get rid of a disease or to restore physical wounds to a healthy condition. On the emotional level, to heal is to remedy or free one from grief or troubles. This includes reconciling a breach of differences with others.

On the passive, or receiving, side, to heal is to become well or healthy again, or to be cured. Wounds can become closed or scarred. Of course, as we know at Unity, if the recipient is willing and ready to be healed on all levels, the process is more effective.  There may still be “bumps in the road to health”. However, the recipient is now in a better place to handle them and continue to move forward on their healing journey.

What is the healer’s role? A healer is a person or thing that heals, specifically one who tries to heal through prayer or faith. At Unity, the healers place their faith in the energy that comes through them from Source, the energy they have opened to and studied and practiced over the years. It is their mission in life to share that healing energy.

We are truly grateful for our healers who offer their healing skills generously and so graciously.  We are also truly grateful for those who come to experience healing to improve their own lives.

May we all be healed in the New Year, 2017.  After all, as Myrtle Filmore said, “We are every whit whole.” 

Peace, Love, Hugs, and Blessings,

Linda Irvine

The Healing Circle of Unity provides a place for renewing and strengthening with energy healing methods. The energy comes through the practitioners from God, Source, The Universe, Great Spirit, or whatever you may call your higher self.  The sessions are given in a safe, sacred, peaceful surrounding supporting you in receiving the healing energy and achieving a state of deep relaxation which also supports the body’s ability to heal itself. 

Join us every First Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm . The practitioners are from Unity and the greater community and donate their time. A love offering is suggested which goes to Unity for providing the space.  Hope to see you soon!

Please contact me at if you have any questions and if you would be interested in becoming part of the Healing Ministry.