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From Theresa Wyatt:

I am grateful that I spent last week at the Big Sky Retreat.  Once again I got to sing with Michael Gott and Karen Drucker.  I also got to listen to and feel the energy and love of Rev. Mary Morrisey and Rev. Sheila McKeithen and many other wonderful speakers.  Then I came back home to the real world.  While I can still feel the energy high I wanted to share it with you. 

This weekend I’ve been working with the financial statements in preparation for our Annual Meeting.  One thing jumped out at me that made me question our collective faith in our prosperity for our spiritual home.

We have been focused too often on the negative aspects of the flood that occurred about a year ago.  We grieved the loss of some cherished treasures.  Yet we have also expressed gratitude for the good that has come from an apparently negative situation.  The flood provided the catalyst to restore our building to our cherished spiritual home that we can lovingly pass on to its next stewards.

The restoration project will have reduced our building fund by about $35,000 when the plumbing project is completed.  As members of Unity we know that this has created a vacuum for us to fill.  We know that Source is abundantly available for us to fill that vacuum.  I have asked Toni if I could start a second collection, specifically to replenish our Building Fund, so that we can continue to build our future together.  She agreed.  This is separate from our tithe, and a separate basket will be passed around.  We are also able to accept payments online.

I know that $35,000 is a lot of money.  After all, Mary Morrissey collected $10 million in a year, and Sheila McKeithen has been asked to go from about $10 million to wrapping her mind around $300 million.  I think we can handle $35,000.  It’s easier to accept that if each of us contributed about $500, the fund would be fully restored and the flow of abundance would continue.  If you can commit to $500 today, great.  If not, then please contribute what you can and use a piece paper or email me to tell me how much you can commit and when you can provide this Source. 

$500 is just an average number, you decide how much you can give.  Charles Fillmore’s fund to build Unity Village began with a penny donated by a board member.  Remember that any amount given will continue the flow of Source.

If you don’t have funds to contribute, please write an idea on the paper or email to help us raise more funds.  Make sure you also sign up for the class Prosperity Plus II class, which starts this Thursday.  Be open to all the possible ways Source can provide our abundant prosperity.

I put a check in the basket to start the flow and asked the congregation to please bless the contributions as the basket was passed so that the seed will continue to grow.  We infused it with the energy we need to grow into an even more prosperous spiritual home in the near future.  You may add your energy to this blessing from wherever you are reading this.

When I thought of the idea Sunday morning, I set an intention of receiving $5,000.

I am happy to report that we collected almost $1,000 at Sunday Service and received commitments for about $4,000 more before the end of the calendar.  We set our intention to collect at least $35,000 by December 31, 2016 or sooner.  I think we’ve got this!

I am grateful to each of you for your spiritual contribution to our community.  And I personally thank you for helping my return to “real life” remain at the same high level of spiritual energy that I felt at Big Sky.