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Thoughts Held In Mind

Words on Faith  Frederick News Post 6.1.19

On August 20, 1924, our co-founder, Charles Fillmore, gave a talk in Kansas City, MO, that he entitled the Science of Being.  For me, this talk was about the ‘how’ of manifesting in our world, the role of ideas and consciousness in connecting the spiritual with the material.   

Like a Little Child

Today as I was wading through stacks and stacks of old documents headed for the shredder, I found some gems from years past:  my Valedictorian speech from High School, my son’s High School Graduation Program, and this article that I wrote on a snowy winter day, I’m not sure where or when.

The Power of the Word

This talk was given by Charles Fillmore in 1921.  As is often the case, when I read Charles’ work, I am amaze at its currency, although it is wrapped in a language that so often “…limits the idea…”  If you read this talk and find the language off-putting, I would suggest you substitute “word” and “spoken word of God” with “vibration/sound” and “God” with “Universe,” “Source,” or any other word you may prefer.  Does that make a difference?

Spirituality of the Earth

Excerpt From a Sunday Lesson by Rev. Cindy Wright, retired Unity minister, delivered in April 2013:

"We have come a long way in our view of Earth .... or perhaps we have come around full circle.  There are some cultures, like Native American who have always seen the Earth as spiritual and deserving reverence.  The rest of us are slowly catching up.

Love Leads The Way

What do we think of as we approach Easter Sunday?  Often, the vision of Easter for me is my son, my nieces and nephews, my grandsons as they search for Easter eggs, eat chocolate bunny ears ~ all dressed in their Easter finery.  And then, there's the vision of my early years, dressed in my Easter finery ~ hat, gloves, new shiny shoes, spring colored dress ~ with my sisters and parents, going into church with the fragrance of Easter lilies filling the sanctuary.  The songs we sang ~ the sermons that were delivered ~ exalted the risen Lord, the One who had died to save us from our sins.  This