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Updates from Unity

The Power of Prosperity - February 2014

The Twelve Powers Of Man
February: Love

It often seems as if there is not much love "around," but the innate power of love is always there. Love is not just another emotion, a shifting mood, something we fall into or out of. Love is an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everybody. It insists that there is good to be found in all, and by consistently looking for that good, it causes that quality finally to appear uppermost in itself, and in all things.

Words from the Board - November-December 2013 by Kandi Austin

Hello everyone…I do love the term Unitics…so I lovingly call you such. I am a new board member. There are seven of us, and we take turns writing a few lines for the newsletter. I wondered, last year when the board went on retreat…I’m thinking why go on retreat when you’ve only just elected a new member(s). I no longer wonder, this is not a reward for being a board member, as “retreat” might imply. This was a working weekend, hands down, no fuss, work us til we drop weekend! We learned what it is to put our best thoughts forward for the growth and health of Unity, of each of us.

Thoughts of the Season - November-December 2013

During the holiday season, often we lose sight of the abundance and peace in our world in the hustle and bustle of gifts and parties and family reunions. We can find ourselves in a funk or short-tempered as we work to “do it all – and do it perfectly.” I would like to challenge you to approach the season in a new way this year. I invite you to participate in a Prosperity Prayer Program - a program for realizing and demonstrating abundant prosperity in your life and affairs and for centering yourself in that ‘…peace that passes all understanding.’
Here is the plan of action:

Tithe Corner - Words from Charles September/October 2013

In one of his earliest writings, Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, wrote this about prosperity:

Realize first of all that prosperity is not wholly a matter of capital or environment but a condition brought about by certain ideas that have been allowed to rule in the consciousness.  When these ideas are changed the conditions are changed in spite of environment and all appearances, which must also change to conform to the new ideas.

Words From The Board September/October 2013

“Unity in Frederick ~ A Spiritual Community” was established 20 years ago! 20 years! It is a significant achievement. A time to celebrate our presence! Our accomplishments! Our community! With great JOY! The Board of Trustees was enthusiastic about scheduling a series of community celebrations! It was nice to spend some time on fun, in addition to “doing business.” We are very grateful to the committees for each of the celebrations!