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Updates from Unity

It's a New Year A-Coming!

“Look well to the growing edge. All around us, worlds are dying and new worlds are being born.”
Howard Thurman
We begin a new year—an auspicious new year at that! According to many, this is the first year of a new world consciousness! As with any new birth, the “being” that is born has just begun an amazing journey of growth, discovery and change. The passage below was written by Margaret Stortz, a retired UCRS minister, and she describes the impact of change and new birth very well.

Thoughts on Newtown

This is from David Ault, Spiritual Living Center, Atlanta, GA.
"There is no 'their children' - it is our children.
"There is no 'their mental illness' - it is our mental illness.
"This is not isolated - this is another effect from a long standing cause.

Tithe Corner: Words from Charles Fillmore in his book Prosperity - November 2012

"Another blessing that follows the practice of tithing is the continual "letting go" of what one receives, which keeps one's mind open tithe good and free from covetousness. Making on occasional large gift and then permitting a lapse of time before another is made will not give this lasting benefit, for one's mind channel may in the meantime become clogged with material thoughts of fear, lack or selfishness. When a person tithes he is giving continuously, so that no spirit of grasping, no fear, and no thought of limitations gets a hold on him.