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Updates from Unity

Jesus: A Mutation of Consciousness - Part 1

Note for TBF:

I have had a love/hate relationship with this being named Jesus for a very long time.  And I've been threatening to write a "book" about the evolution of the deity and consciousness for a long time,  It is articles like this one that inspire me and cause me to challenge myself to "get a move on"  - do something, write something, start down that new path.  I do believe it's time for me - for all of us - to "get a move on."


What do we know?

Nodding to the Shadow

Note form TBF: Fr. Richard Rohr shared this on September 11th -  When I read it on Wednesday morning, I found myself think of our Unity process of denials and affirmations - identifying and releasing the power of that which no longer serves us as we open to and apply that which does.  I have often pondered how that work is done.  There are a number of wise teacher who describe the "hows" - Byron Katie immediately comes to mind.  Who is your favorite?  I particularly like what Fr.

Unity & Diversity: Cross-cultural discipleship

Note from TBF:
What does it mean to have diversity in the spiritual community?  what is it necessary? Do I really need to find my tribe?  But, Toni, like attracts like and when I come to church on Sunday I want to find peace, be comforted -- the rest of the world is so chaotic and the energy so unsettling.  I really don't want to do the denial half of the process - I don't really want to find my blind spots, my hidden biases.  

An Uncreated Spark

Note from TBF:

Eknath Easwaran (1910–1999) was an Indian born spiritual teacher and author, as well as a translator and interpreter of early Hindu texts such as the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.   This modern Indian scholar, translator, and spiritual teacher highlighting the words of a late-medieval Catholic priest and a mid-Renaissance married woman would seem to be a spirit-led confluence of ideas.