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Sound board equip - Unity in Frederick


Can You
  1. Arrive by 9:15 am on scheduled Sunday.
  2. Power up equipment; ensure all microphones and projectors are working.
  3. Set up mics and perform sound checks for minister, platform assistant, and guest musicians.
  4. Test video links (as required).
  5. Coordinate pre-service music with start of service, guest musicians, or recorded music (as needed).
  6. Display ppt announcements before service, then change to ppt service.
  7. Record the minister’s lesson as required.
  8. Recharge wireless mic power pack batteries.
  9. Provide a list of supplies needed and equipment maintenance/problems.
  10.  Power off all equipment and lock the media cabinet.

Training is provided on an 'as needed' basis. Shadowing an experienced A/V team member for a few weeks offers excellent training.

Why is this team important to our church?

We use technology to enhance our celebration services. A/V and music creates the service atmosphere. The audio recordings are a way of reaching those who are unable to attend and a larger public audience.

Why Volunteer to be on this team?

Working the A/V booth provides an opportunity to observe the service from a different prospective! Awareness of the minister, musicians, and congregation are essential to the flow of the service. Proper recordings are shared on the website for anyone wishing to hear the Unity in Frederick lesson for the week!

Primary Responsibility
To run the sound booth, projector and record the lesson during services and upon request.